We have currently c. 130 member organisations from 38 countries. They represent forest research, industry, forest owners, environmental research and international forest-related organisations. But who are they and what do they think of EFI? Reforest’Action joined EFI in 2021. Nicolas Blain, their Director of Institutional Relations and Media, introduces their work and why they joined EFI.


Reforest’Action is a certified B Corporation, dedicated to protecting and restoring forests in Europe and around the world via plantation and natural regeneration. To date, we have been planting, regenerating and monitoring forests in over 30 countries with over 600 project holders through our crowdplanting model, thanks to the funds from 2000 companies and more than 200K citizens. Our projects cover  forest restoration, afforestation, agroforestry and “urban forests”.

Ran in partnership with local stakeholders and framed by a scientific committee, our projects aim to (re)create multifunctional, mixed-species forests that provide a wide range of ecosystem services. As we believe forests represent a key nature-based solution to tackle the twin crises of climate and biodiversity, Reforest’Action develops high quality projects based on core principles – such as tree diversity.

Willing to foster a multi-stakeholders dialog on forests, Reforest’Action co-organized last March the Global Forest Summit, an international event that gathered 40 high-level speakers from international organizations (FAO, UNEP, European Commission…), governments, companies, scientists (EFI, IPCC), NGOs  and representatives of indigenous peoples, to accelerate forest protection and restoration. 

How did you find out about EFI and why did you join? 

As a key player of afforestation and forest restoration in Europe, Reforest’Action closely follows the scientific progress on forest issues. In this regard, I regularly read studies and articles published by EFI and its members. The high quality of those publications, as well as EFI’s contribution to the EU policy-making process and the relevance of the events organized via Thinkforest convinced me that Reforest’Action should join EFI’s network. We are looking forward to contributing to EFI’s activities. 

Have you attended any EFI events? 

I had the pleasure to attend several EFI events, such as  the virtual “Nature at the heart of a global circular bioeconomy”, a digital forum that took place last March. Focusing on such a promising topic that contributes to concretely developing  an economy in harmony with nature was a brilliant idea. I also keep a great memory of another event organized in Brussels in December 2019, just before the COVID19 crisis outbreak. The topic was “The Future of Plantation Forests in Europe”. It was my first EFI event and the high-level speakers, the complementarity of the topics discussed, as well as the gathering and networking opportunities after the panels, made this forum a successful event. 

What one member benefit is most valuable to you?

Several benefits are particularly relevant for Reforest’Action. One of them is the networking opportunity. From the very beginning, networking has always been one of the keys of Reforest’Action’s development, so it will continue thanks to EFI events. Those opportunities will enable us to accelerate our dialog with a diversity of actors from the European forest sector and thus foster synergies of collaboration. As forest in  Europe and all over the world are currently facing big challenges, multi-stakeholders dialog and cooperation are more than ever needed. They will be a strong condition of future successful forest public policies. This is specifically true in Europe, as the forestry strategy of the Union is about to be published this year.

What is your favorite tree?

It’s a tree I discovered while working as an intern for the United Nations in West Africa. Its name is Kapok tree (Ceiba pentandra), this beautiful wide tree can reach up to 70 m high in Senegal. Its tall and long branches can extend beyond the canopy. The tree is then a superb terrace overlooking an ocean of forest.

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