Etifor joined EFI quite recently in 2022. Find out more about Etifor and why they joined. Colm O’Driscoll, International Project Development Coordinator at Etifor tells us more.

Etifor provides consultancy to organisations and companies to help them enhance the services and products of nature: our team improves the economic, environmental and social benefits of policies, projects and investments. We translate research to practice using science-based methods. Etifor is the first spin-off of the University of Padua to have obtained B Corp certification. We work with national and international clients such as: Private companies; Public administration and organizations and NGO and nonprofit organizations.

How did I find out about EFI and why did we join:
We were introduced to EFI thanks to Professor Davide Pettenella of University of Padova (UNIPD). EFI’s mission and vision is very aligned with ours, we know many of the members and have taken part in many projects and research activities together over the years.

Have we attended any EFI events: We have attended a number of EFI events, annual conferences, other policy and research online and offline events, trainings, webinars etc.

What other member benefit is useful: We are recent members and would like to understand this better, from a member perspective – e.g, research and consultancy opportunities, collaboration in new projects etc.

Favourite EFI memory: Working on open innovation with EFI’s Mediterranean Facility (EFIMED)

Favourite tree: Betula pubescens

Learn more about Etifor on their website and make sure you follow ETIFOR on LinkedIn.


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