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Seeing the wood in the forests

We dare not continue like this: humanity is becoming too big for our planet. After relying on a fossil-based economy for 200 years, we are threatening to reach a tipping point, crossing the resilience boundaries of our world.
The recently published Dasgupta Review on the economics of biodiversity calls for changes in how we think, act and measure economic success to protect and enhance our prosperity and the natural world. Tony Ofori, Marc Palahí and Janez Potočnik argue why and how nature and natural capital should be valued and integrated better in economic and financial policy decisions.
In 2017, EFI's Network Fund which supports networking activities like joint research initiatives, knowledge networking and capacity building, awarded funding to the PerForm network. Alex Giurca introduces one of the main outputs from their research: an online "Introduction to Sustainable Bioeconomy" course.